Custom-Made Vacations Designed for the

Wanderlust Traveler

Custom-Made Vacations Designed for the

Wanderlust Traveler


Travel Experience

Greta & Co. creates custom, beautifully designed vacations that allow you to check destinations off your wishlist with ease.

We take the stress out of planning so you are your best self once you reach your destination. Your Greta & Co. experience will be seamless from start to finish. We handle each detail with care, working with the best global and vetted industry experts, so you won’t have to worry about safety or quality. Instead, you will be fully present during your vacation, creating a truly meaningful experience.

“I believe that travel is the only thing we can buy that truly makes us richer.”

Greta Meschke, Owner of Greta & Co. Travel Design


at its Finest

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Start with a consultation call! We’ll discuss your dream destinations and wishlist items before we start planning.

Book Your Vacation

We’ll help you solidify your plans and lay out your itinerary, including accommodations, transportation, experiences, and so much more!

Make Lasting Memories

Since we’re taking the stress out of planning, you’ll be free to enjoy the entire trip with ease.

Wayfarer Words

Our clients have traveled the world! Hear what they have to say about the Greta & Co. experience.

Seamless Travel

A Bespoke Travel Experience

Greta & Co. is an exceptional travel agency that focuses on safe, stress-free, refined vacations. We pride ourselves on being experts and building personal relationships with our clients while helping you create unforgettable memories. Your money is well spent on our trusted partners, exclusive upgrades and hassle-free planning. We are about more than simply putting you on a plane and booking your hotel. We help you truly get to know the landscape and culture of your destination. You’ll never have to (or want to) plan a vacation on your own again.

Our Values

At Greta & Co., we uphold ourselves to a top-tier standard. We’re personal and exceptional. Our values ensure we serve you to the highest of standards.

We Value:

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A Genuine, Authentic Experience

Take the first step toward your dream vacation and get in touch.

Share Your Story

Have you been on a Greta & Co. vacation? We would LOVE to see photos and video from your adventure. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram @gretaandcotraveldesign.

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